Dr. Sadat Abdulla Aziz
Welcome to my Academic Profile page. My name is  Dr. Sadat Abdulla Aziz and  I am a lecturer holding PhD degree in Cell Molecular Physiology, teaching in the College of Veterinary Medicine and College of Nursing at University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region Iraq

2) Alqayim M. AJ., Aziz S. A. (2013): Protective Role of Vitamin E and/or Methionine against Lead-Induce Changes on Hematological Parameters in Rabbits, IRAQI J MED SCI, 11(2).

E-mail: sadat.aziz@univsul.edu.iq
Mobile: +964(0)7701574214

  • I teach the following topics at the College of Veterinary Medicine.
  1. Physiology 
  2. Molecular Biology
  • I am also teaching physiology at the Faculty of Medical science, college of Nurse, University of Sulaimani

   My research interests focus on;
  1. Adipocyte physiology (especially at the molecular levels)
  2. Estrogen receptors (Their expression, regulations, roles and impacts on gene expression)
  3. Epigenetics
  4. DNA Methylation (their regulations, and influences on phenotypic changes)  
  5. Histone proteins (their expressions, and roles in gene expression regulation)
  6. Dietary polyphenols (particularly genistein and resveratrol)
  7. Blood Physiology