At the Faculty of Art, I am teaching Design (Furniture, Interior and Fashion) to all the third stage students. At the Graphic and Design department, I teach graphic design. 

My Philosophy in Teaching

Design is a problem solving process, mostly in a creative way. But how would one teach a student to be creative or to get involved in a creative thinking process? Surely this was my concern at first when I started teaching at the Art Collage. Three years on, I have come to a conclusion that: it is what the tutor puts in to it, what effort she or he does to get students on track and make them be motivated in what they do during the lecture and outside of it. It is very important for students and the tutor to work together during the design process as this leads to a collaborative result that reflects the reality of the actual world. During this process it is crucial for students to understand this collaboration in a way they do not lose their personal input to each assignment.

Moreover, class discussions centered around critique and academic debating are major elements in my lectures, as this helps students to think critically and evolve their projects. Design field requires professionals with the capability to work both individually and as a member of a team. For that reason I always create the opportunity to give students the chance to experience both situations.

The above mentioned subjects are put into practice during my design classes in the following ways:
First, I assign students with a concept to start with. There will be a group discussion at the same time to discover the student's initial knowledge and ideas on the subject. Most projects lasts eight weeks or longer depending on their scale. During this period I provide students with related information and research techniques for further project development. Once it is clear how to start and what is expected, students come up with there own ideas. Although at this stage they have just a vision of what they eventually create, their ideas develops continuously during the design process.