"Education is not the learning of  facts  it's Rather the training of the mind to think"

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My name is Roshna Muhamad M.Amin and I am a lecturer with MS.c degree in Information Technology, teaching in the College of Education at University of 
Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region Iraq.

Place of Birth : Halabja -Sulaimani
Address :Sulaimani-Qaiwan city 
Nationality : Kurd

Contact Info:
Mobile: +964(0)7701442499
"Success is to do" I didn't start yet, I will start in this moment...

2015  :  Awarded M.Sc. in Information Technology of College of Commerce, University of Sulaimani.
2002 : Awarded  B.Sc. in Statistics and computer Department , College of Commerce, University of sulaimani
1992 : Awarded diploma in Institute in kirkuk technology.
My research interests focuses on Information Technology.
However, I am working on( E-Government).