University of Sulaimani President

Welcome to my Academic Profile page. My name is Ridha Hassan Hussein

I am an Assistant Professor with a PhD. degree in Biology (Animal Physiology), I also teach in department of Biology, School of Science at University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region of, Iraq

In the mean while beside my academic responsibility I also have a administrative duty,

as I am also a Dupty University of Sulaimani President.

My Publications: 9 Jour. Articles + 4Conf. paper

h-index: 6

e-mail: ridha.hussein@univsul.edu.iq

Mobile: (+964) - 07701585388

ڕەزا حسن حسین

My research interests are:

1. diabetes Miletus, obesity hyper cholesterolemia, liver function diseases model in animal lab.

2. Bioactive agents extraction in plants on

above models


1990-1994 B.Sc. degree in microbiology in University of Salahaddin College of Science, Biology Department. I was studied basic Biology, animal physiology, Genetic, Hematology, invertebrates, Parasitology, histology microbiology, molecular biology, immunology, virology, mycology, medical entomology, endocrinology food microbiology 1995- 2000.

I have worked as a demonstrator in the biology department of the University of Sulaimani; I was responsible to teach the students the practical parts of most of the biological lectures. I have achieved an MSc degree on 2000-2003 in University of Sulaimani College of Science, Biology Department My research dissertation was about” Epidemiological study on gastrointestinal parasites of the population of Sulaimani distracts Univ. of Sulaimani, then in 2004-2008 I have completed my PhD. Degree in University of Sulaimani College of Science, Biology Department successfully.

My PhD thesis were on "Effects of L-arginine and L-carnitine on Plasma Urotensin-II, some Hematological and Biochemical parameters of induced-Hypercholesterolemia Rats”.