Rebwar Karim Mahmood, PhD د.رێبوار كریم محمود

Welcome to my Academic Profile page. My name is Rebwar Karim Mahmood and I am a lecturer holding PhD degree in Political Science, International Relations, teaching in the Faculty of Law and Politics, Department of Political Science at University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq

Date of Birth: 17 March 1981 Age: 34

Place of Birth: Iraq-Sulaimani

Gender: Male

Address: Iraq- Sulaimani-Farmanbaran Qtr.

Mobile: 00964 771 151 3388

E-mail: rebwar.mahmood@univsul.edu.iq

Facebook: Rebwar Karim Mahmood

Nationality: Iraqi Kurd


1. PhD in Political Science, Department of International Relations, University of Sulaimani, Iraq, 2011

2. Department of Political Sciences, College of Political Sciences, MA in International Relations, University of Baghdad, Iraq, 2006

3. Department of Political Sciences, College of Law and Politics, BA in Political Sciences, University of Salahaddin_Erbil, Iraq, 2003

4. Civic Education and Leadership Fellowship Program, Maxwell School, Syracuse University, New York, 2009


1. 3 books:

A. (The Iraqi-American relations since 1989 and their prospective horizons) in Arabic language. 2007, (200 pages).

B. (Political parties and public opinion) in Kurdish language, 2009, (250 pages).

C. (War power in U.S., War over Iraq as a case study), in Arabic language, 2013 (300 pages).

2. The Concept of Political Parties, Roshngari Magazine, No.21, 2007

3. Civil Society: The Concept, Component & Properties, Nwebwn Magazine, No.1, 2007

4. The struggle inside political parties, Nwebwn Magazine, No.2, 2008

5. The future of the relations between Baghdad & Kurdistan Region, Nwebwn Magazine, No.4, 2008

6. The International Relations between the power of diplomacy and the diplomacy of power, Nwebwn Magazine, No.6, 2009

7. Political Parties & Nation State, Nwebwn Magazine, No.14, 2012

8. Tens of articles on newspapers and magazines about (International and National Affairs, Political Development, Public Opinion, Political Parties, Democracy, Human Rights, Women Cases and Civil Society).

9. Tens of lectures in the field of Proposal writing, Human Development and Civil Society.

10. Tens of interviews with media channels in the field of politics and human rights.

I teach several topics at my faculty, i.e.

1. Political Parties and public opinion.

2. Political Development and the Third World.

3. Civil Society & Human Rights

4. International Organization

5. Political Parties and Elections Campaign

6. Media

7. International Relations

8. Political System

9. Contemporary International Issues

My research interests focus on;

1. Foreign Policy Decision making Process.

2. International Relations

3. American Foreign and Domestic Policy.

4. Iraq Foreign Policy.

5. The relations between Iraq and United States.