Rawand Hama Amin Abdullah
Research Interests:
  1. Quantum Gravity
  2. Particle Physics


    1. Quantum Mechanics
        4th Stage - 3H/W
    2. Mathematical Physics 
        3rd Stage - 4H/W
    3. Linear Optics 
        2nd Stage - 3H/W
    4. Practical Physics (Optics)
        2nd Stage - 3H/W
    5. Astronomy 
        3rd & 4th Stages - 2H/W
    6. Computer Science 
        1st Stage - 2H/W
    7. Mechanics Lab.
        1st Stage - 3H/W

Outside the faculty:
  1. Advanced Electronics
  2. General Physics
  3. General Mathematics

Publication: 3
Talks: 8

Contact Info.:
email: rawand.amin@univsul.edu.iq
Tel: +964-

My name is Rawand. I am an assistant lecturer in the university of Sulaimani, college of Education awarded MSc degree in Gravity, Particles and Fields. 

I teach Quantum Mechanics at 4th Stage and supervising Optics lab at 2nd stage.

I have taught Mathematical Physics at 3rd Stage, Linear Optics at 2nd stage, Astronomy at 3rd stage, Mechanics at 1st Stage and Computer Science at 1st stage. 

My research interests focuses on Quantum Gravity and Particle Physics. Currently, however, I am working in some other fields and I am going to organize some scientific articles to be published soon.

Besides the scientific lecturing, I am involved in literature and I have written more than 250 poems which will be available in a book soon. In addition, I have written some parts of a novel, if time permits, it will be published.

To be honest, I am not sure that you will be able to find all the interested information about me in UoS, but you are certainly able to contact me at any time for any kind of information about me and I will pleasantly reply you ASAP. You may find more details in Resume.