The official profile page of Rauf Kareem Mahmood in UOS website

Welcome to my Academic Profile page.

Name: Rauf Kareem Mahmood

Degree: PhD in English Language and Linguistics

Scientific Title: Lecturer

Faculty: Humanities

School: Languages

Department: English

Publications: 2 papers

E-mail: Rauf.mahmood@univsul.edu.iq

Mobile: +964(0)770 1399938

Office: +964(0)750 1147282

I teach several topics at my faculty, i.e.

1. Semantics and Pragmatics (to fourth year students)

2 Generative Grammar (to MA students)

3. Pragmatics (to MA students)

My research interests focus on;

1. Pragmatics

2. Language of the media

Teachers have the opportunity to become the leaders that can mobilize the society. It depends on teacher's preferences whether to pass information robot-like or enlighten students with knowledge, expertise and ownership. Conclusively speaking, the best form of investment is in human resources through education.