Negar Anwar Hama Saeed
M.A Arabic Literature at Sulaimani University

I am an Assistant Lecturer at School of Administrations & Economics/ Department of Economics. I teach first-year students general Arabic Language at departments of Economics, Statistics, Business Management and Accounting. 

My M.A. dissertation was about a socio-psychological analysis of the characters of the short stories of an Iraqi writer, Shakir Khasbak. Throughout his short stories, he portrayed the agonies of human beings from the social and political problems that lead to affect on their psychological states.

The writer has also been a prolific icon in the field of Geography. Despite of his literary publications, he is regarded as one of the most famous ten academic figures that have been chosen internationally. 

Mobile: (+964770 156 3373)  

My research interests are about:
1. New Criticism on the Arabic Literature.