Nabaz R. Khwarahm

My name is Nabaz R. Khwarahm, a lecturer in Biology. Received PhD in Environmental Science from the University of Southampton. Currently teach undergraduate classes in the School of Science Education-Biology Department at the University of Sulaimani.


General Zoology              1st year undergraduates

Invertebrates                   2nd year undergraduates

Ecology and Pollution      3rd year undergraduates



My research interests focus on:

  • Impacts of climate change on the vegetation phenology and ecosystem productivity using Earth Observation technologies

  • Impacts of habitat degradation on biodiversity and ecological systems
  • Landscape ecology/predator-prey interactions 

  • Species (e.g., Amphibians, Birds and Reptiles) distribution modelling (also known as Ecological Niche Modelling) and Habitat mapping using GIS (Geographic Information System) and Remote Sensing (RS) technologies 

  • Phenology-Aerobiology interactions, for example, mechanism of pollen release, its interactions with flowering phenophase and meteorological parameters