Welcome to my Academic Profile page

My name is Mudhafar Fatah Hama. I am an assistant professor with a  PhD degree in Mathematics (Functional Analysis, teaching in the College of Science at the University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region.
I got my
  • BSc. at the university of sulaimani in 2001.
  • MSc.in France at the University of Saint Etienne in 2006. 
  • Ph.D in France at the University of Saint Etienne since 2009. 
Publications: 0 Books + 9 Jour. Articles + 0 Conf.
Mobile: (+964) - 0771 015 4795

I teach several topics at my faculty, i.e.
Topics for Bachelor's degree

1. Statistics and Probability.
2. Calculus
3. Programming Language(Qbasic)
4. Abstract Algebra
5. Programming Language(MatLab)
6. Linear Algebra
7- Research Project and Research Methodology

Topics for Master's degree

1. Theory of Spectrum for bounded Operators.
2. Special Functions.
3. Functional Analysis(Hilbert Space).
4. Advanced Linear Algebra.
5. Finite differences and finite element methods.
6- Linear Chaos

My research interests focus on
1. Spectral theory.
2. Discrete dynamical systems.