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Dr. Miran Taha Abdullah


Doctor of Philosophy  (Ph.D.) in telecommunication at Polytechnic University of Valencia - Spain.

Master degree in telecommunication engineering
at Polytechnic University of Madrid - Spain.

Master degree in computer science at the University of Sulaimani - Kurdistan regrion, Iraq

Detail of publications:

My research interests focus on;

 1. Algorithm Design and Analysis.
 2. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).
 3. Delivery Multimedia.
 4. Testbed design and virtualization networks.
 5. Video and image compression.
 6. Internet of Things
 7. Data Warehouse , Data Mining , & Big Data. 


1- Languages: C++, C#, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, HTML, Perl, Python, Bash Shell Scrip, XML,& VisualBasic,

2- Operating Systems: Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, & Windows.

3- Servers: Apache, NGINX, Cache Servers, Proxy Servers, & Windows Server.

4- Virtualize network tools: VNX, Cisco packet tracer, GNS3 & Network emulators.

5- Performance monitor tools: Cacti, Linux command line tools & Wireshark.

6-  Database softwares: Oracle, MySQL, & SQL Server.