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I am  a Lecturer at the School of Dentistry  at the University of SulaimIani in Iraq Kurdistan Region. And I am a well-educated and knowledgeable IT and Teaching professional with over 8 years of experience within the educational and IT Industry working at the University of Sulaimaniyah and an MSc and BSc in computer Science. Extensive experience gained in IT management, coordination, lecturing and website maintenance & development.

I have gained excellent leadership skills by working my way up from an assistant programmer I know the ins and outs of the industry and the likely motivators and challenges that individuals face at each point in their career.

This means I can both manage and lead by example drawing on past experience to effectively deal with problems and challenges as they arise. Well-motivated my determination to succeed has also been proven in the way that I have consistently and quickly progressed through the industry, taking on greater levels of responsibility and new challenges with confidence, taking pride in teaching others. Currently looking for a challenging new position that will allow me to both utilize and further develop my existing skill set.

Miran Hikmat Mohammed

Mobile: (+964) - 07701547929

I have taught several topics

2013 - 2014

 Numerical Analysis (Theory)

   Numerical Analysis (Practical)

   Web Development (Practical)

2014 - 2015

Numerical Analysis (Theory)

   Numerical Analysis (Practical)

              Operating System Concept (Practical)

2015 - 2016

              Computer Fundamentals (Theory)
              Computer Fundamentals (Practical)

Research Interests
  • Usability and Accessibility Evaluation in web Technologies.
  • Web Technology
  • Web security for preventing attacks and viruses.
  • Distributed and parallel database management system.
  • E-Learning for online and visual teaching.
  • Cloud computing for learning method 
  • QR Code Image Scanner.