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Welcome to Mr. Mariwan N. Hasan's academic page.  

Mr. Hasan is  assistant  lecturer who  achieved BA degree in English Language and Literature & MA degree in Modern English  Literature, teaching in the School of Basic Education of University of Sulaimani at English Department in Kurdistan Region.  He has also taught English literature at the College of Languages from 2008-2010. He has been teaching English Grammar in four successive courses at College of Languages to postgraduate students. Moreover, he has taught Kurdish postgraduate students English Grammar at Sheffield University in the UK in 2013.

Publications:  4 Books:

1. The Image of Modern Man in T. S. Eliot's Poetry

2. Modernism: A Critical Introduction 

4. T. S. Eliot and Modern Literature

2 book chapters in an Anthology:
Where the Water Flows: A Study of T. S. Eliot's Criticism
 26 Journal Articles (to see my publications, please click on Publications section above)

E-mail:  mariwan.hasan@univsul.edu.iq
Mobile: +964(0)770 1571867

I teach several topics at my faculty, from them:
1. Novel
2. Poetry
3. Drama
4. Methods of Research
5. English Literature
Research Interests
I am especially interested in working with students on research that focuses on modernist literature, literary stylistics & modern poets or contemporary poetry as well as Shakespearean drama. My area of specialization is English modern poetry and my areas of interest include modernism, modernity and modernization, role of religion in the twentieth century poetry and novel and alienation.

I am interested in conducting research on the following fields of study:
1. Modern Poetry
2. Modernism
3. Modern Novel
4. Modern Drama
5. Comparative Literature