Lask Arsalan Bayiz

Welcome to my Academic Profile page.
 My name is Lask Arsalan Bayiz.
I am an Assitant lecturer with a  Master degree in Management and International Business, teaching in the Faculty of Administration  and economics at University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq

Publications: 3 Journal Articles

E-mail: lask.bayiz@univsul.edu.iq
Mobile: +964(0)7

 Teach several topics at my faculty, i.e.
  1.  Marketing Management
  2.  Academic Debate  
  3.  Risk and Insurance Management
  4. Secretary and Office Management
  5.  Tourism Management
  6. Organization Theory and Organizational Behavior
  7. Principles of Management 
  8. International Marketing
My research interests focus on: 
  1. Marketing 
  2.  Organization Theory and Organizational Behaviour
  3. Risk and Insurance management