Khalid T Maaroof 

Lecturer at School of pharmacy, University of Sulaimani. Kurdistan Region. F.R. Iraq

Major qualifications:
  • MSc.Pharmaceutical Sciences: from Kingston University London. (kingston.ac.uk)  UK
  • BSc.Pharmacy from University of Sulaimani (univsul.edu.iq)  Iraq



Simulated Intestinal Fluids: Testing solubility of various steroid drugs in SIFs compared to plain buffers (paperback) 

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To contact:
E-mail: khalid.maaroof@univsul.edu.iq
Phone: +9647503165172

Modules and topics covered by:

Pharmaceutical Orientation: (including theoretical and practical sessions):
  • Dilution, concentration of pharmaceutical preparations
  • Isotonic and buffer solutions
  • Electrolyte solutions: milliequivalnts, millimoles and milliosmoles
  • Intravenous infusions, parenteral admixtures and rate-of-flow calculations 

Physical pharmacy: (including theoretical and practical sessions):
  • States of matter, binding forces between molecules, gases, liquids, solid and crystalline matters; phase equilibria and phase rule; thermal analysis.
  • Thermodynamics, first law, thermochemistry, second law, third law, free energy function and applications.
  • Solutions of non-electrolytes, properties, ideal and real colligative properties, molecular weight determination.
  • Solubility and distribution phenomena, solvent-solute interactions, solubility of gases in liquids, solubility of liquids in liquids, solubility of non-ionic solids in liquids, distribution of solutes between immiscible solvents.
  • Complexation, classification of complexes, methods of analysis, thermodynamic treatment of stability constants.
  • Kinetics, rate and orders of reactions, influence of temperature and other factors on reactions rate, decomposition of medicinal agents and accelerated stability analysis.
  • Interfacial phenomena, liquid interfaces, surface free energy, measurement of interfacial tension, spreading coefficient, surface active agents and wetting phenomena.
  • Colloids, dispersed system and its pharmaceutical application, types of colloidal systems, kinetic properties, diffusion, zeta potential, solubilization.
  • Micrometrics, particle size, methods of determining particle size, particle shape and surface area, porosity, density.
  • Rheology, Newtonian systems, thixotropy measurement, negative thixotropy, determination of thixotropy.
  • Polymer science, definitions pharmaceutical applications, molecular weight averages.

Main research interests are:
  1. Advanced drug delivery systems
  2. IVIVC
  3. Development of Biorelevant fluids