Welcome to my Academic Profile page.  My name is Karwan Hama Faraj Jwamer. 

I am a professor  in the Mathematics Department   College of Science  at  the University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

I obtained Ph.D from Dagestan State University, South of Russian in 2010. 

Publications: 4 Books + 59 Jour. Articles + 6 Conf. paper

Mobile: (+964) - 07701428111

I teach several topics in my faculty, i.e.

B.Sc. Courses:
  1.  Numerical Analysis
  2. Complex Analysis
  3. Approximation Theory
  4. Integral Equations
  5. Finite Mathematics
  6. Calculus
  7. Ordinary Differential Equations
  8.  Linear Algebra 
M.Sc. Courses:
  1. Advanced Differential Equations
  2. Advanced Complex Analysis 
  3. Stability Theory
  4. Spectral of Differential  Operators
  5. Boundary Value Problems
  6. Advanced Mathematics 

Ph.D Courses:

1. Differential Operators 

2. Advanced Numerical Analysis 

My research interests focus on;

1. Spectral of Differential Operators
2. Approximation by Spline Functions
3. Boundary Value Problems
4. Numerical Analysis