Welcome to my Academic Profile page. My name is 

Dr. Jwan Satei Raafat . I am a Lecturer holding a (PhD) degree in Power System Engineering, teaching in the Faculty of Engineering at University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq

I teach several topics at my faculty for BSc and MSc students, i.e.
  1. Artificial Intelligence (MSc student)
  2. Power system analysis (MSc student)
  3. Power Engineering II , 4th stage BSC student
  4. Workshop Lab. , 1st stage.
  5. Electromagnetism , 1st stage.
  6. Machine Lab. 2nd stage.
  7. Power Eng. Lab. (3rd stage)
  8. Project 4th stage.

Current teaching 
Artificial Intelligence           M.Sc 
-  Power Engineering II          4th Stage
-  Workshop Lab                   1st

Mobile: (+964) - 7510582702
Publications:    2 Conf. paper and 2 journal  


My research interests focus on;
1. Power Distribution Systems Reconfiguration
2. Power System Control
3-  Neural Network & Genetic Algoritm

 [1] “Artificial Neural Network Based Tap Setting Control of Shunt Capacitors Placed on Radial Distribution Systems”, the 3th National Conference on computer, communication, control and system engineering in University of Technology/ Baghdad-Iraq, December,  2002. pp 209- 227

[2]” Power Distribution Systems Reconfiguration Bases on Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm for Loss ReductionIFRSA International Journal Of Electronics Circuits And Systems |Vol 2|issue 1|Feb 2013.

[3] “High Performance DC-DC Boost Converter Based on Tuning PI controller “  IJCCCE Vol.14, No.1, 2014.

[4]” Noval Load Flow Algorithm For Multi-Phase Balanced / Unbalanced Radial Distribution Systems” international journal of advanced research in electrical, electronics and instrumentation engineering VOL.3, Issue 7, July 2014