Welcome to my academic homepage!

I am a lecturer in  mathematics department in the College  of  education.  I started working here  in 2013, initially as Assistance lecturer.  Before that, I was a student at the University of Manchester where I obtained my Msc in 2012 in (Pure mathematics and mathematical logic).

Contact details:

Email: hero.salh@univsul.edu.iq

Tel: 009647511266977

University Address: 

The University of Sulaimany

Old University Campus

School of Science Education 

Second Floor- Room 5


  Teaching Undergraduate Students:
               1. Foundation  Mathematics. (1st Satage)
       2. Axiomatic System & Euclidean geometry.(2nd Stage)
                   3. Latex Program ( Research Project 4th  Stage)


Research interests

My research interests concentrate around areas in Differential Geometry,  Geometric Topology also integral geometry and Convexity.