Welcome to my Academic Profile page

 My name is      Hazhaow Omar Mohammed Murad     

I am an Assistant Professor with a PhD degree in Food hygiene and quality control

teaching in thCollege of Veterinary Medicine  at University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan        Region, F.R. Iraq.

Recently I am     Lecture staff of Microbiology dept

Publications:     9 Journal Articles + 5 Conf. paper  and one published book.                                              

e-mail:    hazhaw.murad@univsul.edu.iq
Mobile:  (+964) -7701571122
I teach several topics at my faculty, i.e.
1. Meat hygiene and inspection since 2000 till now
2. Milk hygiene since 2000-2007
3. Food quality control since 2012 till now
4- Poultry management since 2001-2005
5- Clinical pathology, 2003-2006
6- Forensic Medicine, 2003-2005, then 2012
7- Practical microbiology. college of Vet. Med. 2001-2002
8- Microbiology (practical lect.) Nursing college 2002-2003
9- صحة الحيوان / كلية الزراعة 2001-2003
10- امراض الحيوان / كلية الزراعة 2001-2004

My research interests focus on:
1. Food microbiology
2. Food safety and hygiene
3. Food analysis
4. Meat inspection