Hastyar Hama Rashid Najmuldeen
Welcome to my Academic Profile page. My name is  Hastyar Hama Rashid Najmuldeen and  I am a lecturer holding (PhD) degree in Microbial physiology, teaching in the department of Biology at University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq


1.    Functional assessment of microbial superoxide dismutase isozymes suggests a differential role for each isozyme.

Hastyar Najmuldeen, Rashed Alghamdi, Fayez Alghofaili, and Hasan Yesilkaya,

Published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine. 2019, (134). 

2.    Flavin Reductase Contributes to Pneumococcal Virulence by Protecting from Oxidative Stress and Mediating Adhesion and Elicits Protection Against Pneumococcal Challenge.

Giora I. Morozov, Nurith Porat, Tatyana Kushnir,Hastyar Najmuldeen, Asad Adawi, Vered Chalifa-Caspi, Benisty Rachel, Ariel Ohayon,  Ofir Liron, Shalhevet Azriel, Itai Malka, Shahar Dotan, Maxim Portnoi,Andrew A Piotrowski, Daniel Kafka, Barak Hajaj, Tali Fishilevich, Michael Tal,Donald A Morrison, Ron Dagan, Hasan Yesilkaya, Yaffa Mizrachi Nebenzahl.

Published in Scientific Reports. 2018, 8(1): 314 

3.    Antibiotic susceptibility of vancomyin and nitrofurantoin in Staphylococcus aureusisolated from burnt patients in Sulaimaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan.

Published in New Microbiol. 2012, 35(4):439-46.

4. A Microbiological Study for Evaluating Olive Leaf Extract as a New Topical Management for Oral Mucositis Following Chemotherapy.

Bulletin UASVM, Veterinary Medicine. 2011, 68(1):391.

 5.    Antimicrobial Activity of Propolis Collected in Different Regions of Sulaimani Province-Kurdistan region/Iraq.

Hastyar Najmuldeen and Farhad Khudhur

Published in (J. Duhok Univ.Vol.12, No.1 (Special Issue), Pp 233-239, 2009) 

6.    Effects of Soil Texture on Chemical Compositions, Microbial Populations and Mineralization of CarboninSoil.

Hastyar Najmuldeen, Anwar Mohammad, and Hassan Hama Amin 

Egypt. J. Exp. Biol. (Bot.), 6(1): 59 – 64 (2010).

7.  Effects of Soil Organic Matter,Total Nitrogen and Texture on Nitrogen Mineralization Process.

Hastyar Najmuldeen

Published in Al-Nahrain University Journal For Science.

E-mail: hastyar.najmuldeen@univsul.edu.iq
Mobile: +964(0)7701576712

I teach several topics at my faculty:

1. Biostatistics and Experimental Design
2. Soil Microbiology
3. Microbial physiology

My research interests focus on:
1. Bacterial Oxidative Stress Response 
2. Isolation of Antibiotic and chlorine resistance bacterial strains.