Welcome to my Academic Profile page

My name is Hariem Ahmed Abdullah (Haladni)

I am
 an Assistant Lecturer and coordinator of Accounting Department/Faculty of Administration 
at University of Sulaimani inKurdistan Region.

Publications: Currently working on three research paper.

I taught several topics at University of Sulaimani, i.e.

1. Advanced Cost Accounting/ 4th Stage
2. Principles of Accounting/ 2nd Stage 
3. Accounting Reading/ 1st Stage
4. Pharmaceutical Accounting/ 2nd Stage

I also taught the modules of Advanced Financial Accounting, Management Accounting,
Cost Accounting and Government Accounting at other universities and Institutes. 

My research interests focus on;                                                                    
  1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  2. Sustainability accouting and reporting
  3. Stock Exchange and value of Company
  4. IAS and IFRS Adoption
  5. Financial Statements Analysis