Welcome to My Academic Profile page 2019 - 2020

     Welcome to my Academic Profile page. My name is" Dr. Hanaw Ahmed Amin". I have  MSc degree in Applied Statistics(8/ 4 /2004) and Ph. D. degree in Statistics of  Experimental Design(24/ 1 / 2013), graduated from Administration and Economic a University of salahaddin, Statistics Department (1989). 
I am a Lecturer in the Mathematics Department    College of Science at  the University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq.

Mobile: (+964) - 07701574759
University of Sulaimani - Qlyasan New Campus-
 Mathematics Department 
1 st floor - Room 1013  

I have been  giving the lecture course Probability theory and Mathematical Statistics, Basics of Statistics since 2004.
My research interests focus on; 
1. Multiple Linear Regression and Ridge Regression Model.
2. Experimental Design.
3. Poisson Regression.
4. Parametric and Non- Parametric Statistical Tests  
3. Families of Distribution.