Welcome to my Academic Profile page

Lecturer at Dentistry school/University of Sulaimani in Iraqi Kurdistan Region, with over 7 years of experience in teaching.

Got my M.B,Ch.B from college of Medicine /University of Sulaimani in 2003 and My M.Sc in pathology from the same college and University in 2008.

Now I am a 2nd year PhD student working on a project aiming to reveal the effect of mitochondrial DNA mutations in breast cancer cases

working as pathologist in laboratory departments of different hospitals in sulaimani region concurrently with the teaching helped me to gain excellent laboratory skills

I give pathology lectures to the 3rd year students in Dentistry school since 2009 and it involves the following:

1. General (basic) pathology.

2. Systemic pathology (organs and systems of interest for dentistry students)

3. Laboratory sessions

My research interests focus on;

1. Molecular basis of cancer

2. pathological effects of DNA Methylation.

3. Effects of mitochondrial DNA mutation in causing diseases.


Mobile: (+964) - 07701450109