Department of Family and Community medicine

Stage: 3rd 
Classroom: community lecture halls 
No. of Students: 30

Department of Family and Community medicine
Stage: 4th 
Classroom: Community lecture halls
No. of Students: 12

At the department of family and community medicine i teach two practical courses namely 

1. Research methods practical: this is a lesson for 4th yea students where over five weeks, a small group of students are required to conduct an original piece of medical research, under the supervision of myself. during the five weeks students are taught how to design a study, conduct research ad how to understand and present findings. 
2. 3rd stage practical lessons: I take one of the third year practical classes where students practice medical statistics and learn how to conduct a  seminar, as well as visiting a number of significant public health outlets. 

My Philosophy in Teaching

I would consider myself a modernist when it comes to teaching, I do not believe in the separation of lecturers and students. Students and lecturers should endevour to learn in a partnership. I take a comparatively informal style to teaching with the aim of encouraging students to feel comfortable to ask questions and contribute their ideas and concerns, particularly with regards to health and its challenges. I also believe that I may benefit from students as much as they may benefit from me. This is why teaching in my eyes is a collaborative partnership within which both parties understand and respect the greater aim of gaining something be it knowledge or skills, while also enjoying the process in doing so.