I am Fuad A. Ali. A member of the Physics Department with a Ph.D. degree in Experimental Nuclear structure Physics, in the School of ScienceEducation at University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq

Ph.D, Shape Coexistence in the Proton-Unbound Nucleus 177Au,
University of Liverpool, 2011-2014.

MSc. Degree, Measurement of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials(NORM) in Environmental Samples,
University of Surrey, 2007-2008. 

Bachelor' Degree(BSc.) in Physics from the University of Sulaimani (First Class), 2004. 

My current research interests concern the shape coexistence behavior of neutron-deficient nuclei in the Z=82 and N=126 closed shell region of the nuclear chart, specifically the behavior of nuclei that adopt a strongly deformed shapes at high rotational frequencies. The underlying mechanisms that govern this behavior are still not fully understood, and discrepancies between the theoretical and measured properties (i.e. transition quadrupole moments) of these nuclei have recently been discovered.