Welcome to my Academic Profile page. 
My name is Farmesk Jalil Abubaker. I am specialist in Quantum Technology, I have acquired 

1- MSc. in (2013) , University of Sussex http://www.sussex.ac.uk/.
2- BSc. in (2009), University of Sulaimani http://univsul.edu.iq/en/.

I joined Physics Department-School of Science after complete my BSc. study as assistance Physicist.
Currently, I am assistance lecture at Physics department - College of Education at the University of Sulaimani.

2009: Physics and Chemistry Society, Sulaimani, Iraq

      or   jfrmesk@yahoo.com

My research interests focus on;
     1. Quantum Optics 
     2. Quantum Physics
     3- Atom-Light interaction
     4- Quantum circuit 
     5- Quantum Electrodynamics(QED)
     6- Quantum Field Theory
     7- Quantum Information