د. فریدون عبدالستار محمد
Welcome to my academic profile site, My name is Dr. Faraidoon Abdulstar Muhamad. I am  Professor with the PhD degree in Veterinary Theriogenology in the college of Veterinary Medicine at University of Sulaimani (UoS).

I have published:
  • 11Books 
  • 29 journal Articles 
  • 2 Conf. paper

Mobile: (+964) -7701446967
Dr. Faraidoon

I teach several topics at my Faculty, i.e.

  1. Female Fertility and Reproductive Diseases.
  2. Veterinary Clinic.
  3. Scientific Debate.

My research interests are focusing on:
  1. Veterinary Theriogenology. 
  2. Clinic.