Dr. Emad Mahmood Ghaleb Al-Maaroof

Professor, Chief Scientist( Prof.)
Welcome to my Academic Profile page. 
My name is Emad Mahmood Ghaleb Al-Maaroof, Professor with Ph.D degree in Plant Pathology/ Cereal Disease at  College of Agricultural SciencesEngineering, University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

Recently I was working as a consultant at ICARDA, Coordinator of Harmonized Support for Agricultural Development in Iraq(HSAD) project, Also Head of ICARDA Office in Erbil, IKR.
Scientific leader of Global Rust Initiative Program in Iraq.
Head of the National Rust Surveillance Team in Iraq.
Previously i was Chief Scientist "Professor"  at Ministry of Science and Technology, and Head of Plant Pathology Dept. MOST.

Editorial board of Arab Journal for plant Protection.
Editorial board of Field Crops and Vegetable Journal.
Reviewer in more than 10 local, Regional and International Scientific journals.

Publications:  95 Journal Papers 
Attendance of 80 International and 70 local Conferences
Honors and Awards: 7
Mobile: (+964) - 07703453905
Supervising and teaching postgraduate students the bellow courses.
  1. Advance Plant pathology.
  2. Advance Mycology.
  3. Taxonomy of Fungi. 
  4. Epidemiology.
  5. Integrated Pest Management.
  6. Physiology of fungi.
  7. Pesticide chemistry.
  8. Techniques in plant pathology.
  9. Seed pathology.
  10. Physiological plant pathology.
  11. Host Parasite Interaction.
  12. Advance Cereal Diseases 
Teaching undergraduate students different topics such as.
  1. Plant Pathology
  2. Field Crops Disease
  3. Horticulture Diseases
  4. Diseases of fruits and vegetables
  5. Green house diseases
  6. Microbiology
1. Disease management and control.
2. Genetics of host and parasite interaction.
3. Virulence analysis and race identification of 
     rust and Smut Pathogens.
4. Postulation of resistance genes in cereals.
5. Breeding for disease resistance in cereals.
6. Mutation breeding in cereals and legumes.
7. Crop improvement & cultivar maintenance.