Workshop Details

Workshop Title

How to use EDMODO Website.

Workshop presenter

Miran Hikmat Mohammed – Lecturer (Computer Science) – College of Dentistry.

Workshop Date

08/03/2018 – Thursday.

Workshop Timing Schedule

(9:30 – 10:30 – Theory Session).

(10:30 – 11:00 – Coffee Break Session).

(11:00 – 12:00 – Practical Session).

Deadline: 06/03/2018


Online Registration form  (Click here for registration).

Payment: 20,000 IQD - (Should be paid to the Accountancy of College of Nursing).

Deadline: 07/03/2018 Wednesday

Number of Participation

The number of attendees is limited to 30.

Workshop Requirements

1. Bring your laptop computer.

2. You should check your university email account, active and accessible before the day of the workshop.

3. Bring your mobile internet broadband (Fast Link, TishK Net, BrusK Net, etc.).

Workshop Location

University of Sulaimani Old Campus, Old Central Library opssite Raparin Hall,

Medical Workshop Hall


The certificate will be given upon participation.

Workshop Content

A) Theoritical (Click here to download the presentation file):
  • General idea about E-Learning and differenet teaching methods.
  • What is the meaning of edmodo.
  • What are the main edmodo features and advantages.
  • Different edmodo connections and seurity previliges.
  • Types of different user accounts in edmodo website.
  • Main steps for creating and maning accounts (Logn and Registertion).
  • Other website similar to edmodo educational website.
  • the main differences between google class and edmodo website.
B) Practical (Click here to download the practical session):
  • Registeration and login process.
  • Studying the general enviroment of the website.
  • Creating and managing classes.
  • Adding/removing memebers from classes.
  • understanding Class code and approvmemt techniques.
  • Adding news and Post for students.
  • Creating different kind of assessments.
  • Marking assesments for studnets.
  • Setting events and reminder for students.
  • Creating Poll for studnets.  
  • General idea about Student and teacher website interfaces.

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