Welcome to My Academic Profile Page

My name is Danyar Abubaker SalihI was graduated from the Department of Geology, 
and I have been starting my job there since 2009. I was awarded a scholarship from KRG/ HCDP to study MSc in the United Kingdom, then I studied my MSc at Newcastle University in Petroleum Geochemistry,  Sep. 2013. 
Currently, I'm teaching at the University of Sulaimani/ College of  Science/ Department of Geology


  • MSc., Newcastle University, Petroleum Geochemistry 2012- 2013

  • BSc., University of Sulaimani, Geology (Earth Science) 2008- 2009


  I teach several topics at my Faculty:
  1. Well Logging
  2. Petroleum Geology
  3. Geochemistry
  4. Borehole Environments
  5. Gamma Ray Log
  6. Porosity Logs
  7. SP Log
  8. Micro Logs
  9. Resistivity Log
  10. Determination of Hydrocarbon Saturation within the Reservoir
  11. Geochemical Analysis
  12. Subsurface Geology

   My research interests focus on:
  1. Petroleum Geochemistry
  2. Biomarker Analysis  
  3. Well Logging Study
  4. Geochemistry