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       ماڵپەڕی د. دانــا ئــازاد عبدالخالق
Welcome to my Academic Profile page...

My name is Dana Azad Abdulkhaleq, I'm an Assistant Professor with a Ph.D. degree in Plant Breeding and Genetics, Head of  the Department of Biotechnology and Crop Science at College of Agricultural  Engineering Sciences  at the University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan RegionF.R. Iraq

Publications: 14

+964 (0)7701422351


I teach several topics at my College:

1. Experimental Design and Analysis.
2. Principle of Statistics.
3. Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

My research interests focus on:

1. Plant Breeding
2. Genetics
3. Experimental Design and Analysis
4. Advanced Statistical Analysis
5. Advanced Genetic Analysis