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Brwa Omer is a PhD-Student in Civil Engineering: Structural Engineering and an Assistant Lecturer holding (M.Sc.) degree in Civil Engineering: Structural Engineering,teaching in the Faculty of Engineering at University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq


                       Teaching Summery  
1.     Academic Debate                         1st    stage  
1.     Academic Debate                         1st    stage
2.     Building Materials Testing               1st    stage
3.     Descriptive Geometry                    1st    stage
4.     Surveying (Practical)                      2nd   stage
5.     Soil Mechanics  (Practical)            3rd    stage
6.     Engineering Project                        4th     stage


                          Research Interests

1.   Structural Stability and Optimisation
2.   Creep-buckling for Compression Members
3.   Analysis and Design of High Performance Concrete Structures
4.   Mix Design and Durability of High Strength  Self-Compacted Concrete (HSCC)
5.   Experimental Investigation on Properties of Fresh and Hardened Concrete with Using Different Waste  Materials as Aggregate Replacement

                                         Office & Email Address     

                        University of Sulaimani - Faculty of Engineering;   
                  Department of Civil Engineering /Sulaimani-city/ Kurdistan –Iraq

                              E-mail:   University     brwa.dler@univsul.edu.iq
                                             Private         b4student@gmail.com