Academic Profile of Barzan Ibrahim Khayatt
Welcome to my Academic Profile page. I am Barzan Ibrahim Khayatt, a PhD candidate in Bioinformatics. I work as a Lecturer with two MSc. degrees in Bioinformatics and in Soil fertility and plant nutrition , teaching in the Department of Soil and Water Sciences-Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq

Publications: around 15 Jour. Articles
Mobile: (+964) - 0770 6842937

With Students and some lecturers of Soil Dept. University of Sulaimani (Slemani) 28-12-1993 (Photo from Dr. Shadan)
I teach several topics at my faculty, such as:
  1. Research Methodology (4th stage students)
  2. Academic Debate (1st stage students)
  3. Biofertilizers (4th stage students)
  4. Computer Applications in Soil and Water Sciences (3rd stage students)
My research interests focus on:
  1. Bacterial Genomics
  2. Non-Ribosomal Peptide Synthetases (NRPS) Mega Enzymes and PolyKetide Synthases