Balkees Taha Garib
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Welcome to my Academic Profile page.
My name 
Balkees Taha Garib
. I am a professor with a PhD degree in Oral Pathology
, teaching in the college of Dentistry at University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
and the director of Kurdistan Board center for Oral medicine in Sulaimani

  • B.D.S 1987:  Univ. Baghdad/ Iraq.
  • M.Sc 1993:  Oral Pathology, University of Baghdad/ Iraq
  • PhD 2000:  Oral Pathology, University of Baghdad/ Iraq
  •  42 Journal Articles + 10 Conf. paper

                 (+964) - 07702206376

I teach several topics at my faculty
  1. Oral pathology
  2. Oral cytology,
  3. Molecular pathology,
  4. Immunohistochemistry and histochemistry
  5. Differential diagnosis in maxillo-facial imaging
My research interests focus on;
  1. Oral cancer 
  2. Oral findings in CP and DM patients
  3. Odontogenic lesions
  4. Salivary gland tumors

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