Aso Braim Rasool
Aso Braim Rasool received his B.A. in English Language and Literature at the University of Sulaimani (2009) and his M.A. in English Literature from the University of Toledo, in the United States (2013).  He has also been a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Toledo.  Since then, he has been teaching various undergraduate courses in School of Languages at University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq, including Victorian and Modern Poetry, 18th and 19th Century English Drama, Modern English Drama,  Advanced English Conversation and Academic Debate.

E-mail: aso.rasool@univsul.edu.iq
Mobile: +964(0)771-152-5107
Aso Braim Rasool, at a Fulbright Conference, in Washington D.C. (2013)
Aso Braim Rasool has been teaching several courses;

1. Victorian and Modern Poetry
2. Advanced English Conversation
3. Academic Debate

His research interests focus on;

1. Literary Translation
2. Modern English Literature
3. Comparative Literature