I am Ali Rashaan ,one of academic staff at  ministry of Higher Education and Scientific research since 1976.Firstly as   demonstrator at soil science Department ,Agriculture College ,University of Sulaimani   then at the year of 2003 and after I did my M.Sc. at university of Wales ,Aberystwyth ,U.K. I became assistance  lecturer at Soil science Department ,Agriculture College , Salahadden University .After the closure of the Agriculture College at Aski-kalak .I became a lecturer staff at University of Mosel ..then as scientific researcher at Research Center in Baghdad for one year . I returned to University of salahadeen in Erbil ,this time to the College of Engineering .I stayed in the same college until I left Kurdistan at the year 1996 and settled at Netherlands then I did another M.Sc. in Environment Technology in this country  …for more details please see my curriculum vitae .

Mobile: (+964) - 07701585030

I teach several topics at my faculty, i.e.
1-Soil and Water pollution 
2-Fundamental of land Surveying 
3-  Land Leveling
4-Scientific Academic Debate  

My research interests focus on;
1. EnvironmentTechnology 
2. Soil and water pollution 
3.Soil physics and characteristics 
4-Athletic Field construction and maintenance(football  yards ) 
4- graduated student project (on soil pollution and soil physics  )