Dr. Ali Ahmed Rahman

Dr. Ali Rahman earned his Bachelor degree in Law at the University of Sulaimani in 2003-2004. He later studied his master LLM in law at the Indiana University Maurer School of law in Bloomington, Indiana, United States in 2007-2009. He also earned his doctorate (SJD; Doctor of Juridical Science) at the Indiana University in 2011-2014. He is now an Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of law and Politics at the University of Sulaimani.

E-mail: ali.rahman@univsul.edu.iq

Mobile: +964(0)770-954-9933

I teach several topics at my faculty, i.e.

1. Public Law: Administrative Law in English/ 2nd Year law Students

2.- Administrative Justice in Arabic/ Third year Law Students.

My research interests focus on;

1. Administrative Law

2. Commercial and Business law