Dr. Alan Ali Saeed is a lecturer in Modern English Literature and Quality Assurance Coordinator in the Department of English, College of Languages, Sulaimani University, Iraqi Kurdistan. He currently lectures on the modules: Introduction to English Literature of the Twentieth Century, Literary Modernism and Stream of Consciousness associated with Modernist Movement. 

Dr. Alan holds a BA in English Language and Literature (Sulaimani University - 2004), an MA in National and International Literatures in English (University of London - 2009), a PhD in Modern English Literature (Brunel University London - 2016) and an AFHEA in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (Brunel University London - 2015).


E-mail: alan.asaeed@univsul.edu.iq

        Or: alan.saeed@hotmail.co.uk          

Dr. Alan's research interests seek to explore and scrutinize the influence of William James and Henri Bergson on the role of selected British modern female writers of the early decades of twentieth century mainly from 1918 – 1929. The research provides a new interpretation of the way texts are framed and formed, writers and characters’ inner perception to the outside world, and how the identity of women’s writing practice altered fluidly and aesthetically.