بەخێربێن بۆ 
 د.ئاکۆ ڕشید حمە  
مامۆستا لە بەشی ئەندازیاری ئاودێری/ فاکەڵتی ئەندازیاری زانکۆی سلێمانی 
Welcome to my Academic Profile page. 
My name is  Dr. Ako Rashed HamaI am an Lecturer with a PhD degree in Environmental Engineering , working in the Faculty of Engineering at University of Slemani in Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq
Recently I am heading the Irrigation Engineering Department- Faculty of Engineering .

Publications: 2 Journal  papers
Mobile: (+964) - 7701526867

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I am interested in giving lecturers in  several courses and  modules in faculty of engineering since my first employment date and till now such as 

A- At Irrigation Engineering  Department

1.Environmental Engineering / 4th year .
2.Engineering Analysis / 3rd year . 
2.Water Supply and Sewerage / 3rd year.
3.Computer Application and AutoCAD /3rd Year.
4.Water Resources Engineering/ 3rd year .
5.Math II / 2nd Year.
6.Engineering Drawings and Descriptive  Geometry/1st Year.
8.Engineering Statistics / 1st Year.
9.Computer Programming-Quick basic and FORTRAN-  /1st Year. 

My research interests focus on;
1. Aerated Grit Chambers Theory and Practice . 
2. Heavy metal pollution Removal .
3. Solid waste leachate and its pollution .
3. Remote Sensing and GIS applications.