Ako is a  lecturer at Computer Science Dept/ Faculty of Physical and Basic Education  at Sulaimani University. He received MSc in Computer Science with distinction  at the Glyndwr University of United Kingdom in 2012 with full funded by Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) - IRAQ. He received BSc from Dept of Mathematics & Computer Science at the Sulaimani University of Kurdistan Region-Iraq with 1st degree out of all students at the Faculty of Physical and Basic Education in 2007. Currently , He is a PhD student in Computer Science at Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU)- Cyprus and he has been obtaining a full fund from KRG and Cyprus government in 2017 to complete his PhD study.

Publications:  10 Journal. Articles

Mobile: +964(0)770 7705421 & 07511565611


I teach several topics at my faculty, i.e.

1. Computer Network & Internet Technology
2. Network Switching
3. Internet Architecture & Client Server
4. .Net Programming
5. Mobile Programming
6. Database
7. ICT

My research interests focus on:

1. Routing Protocols 
2. Mobile Ad-hoc Network
2. Cryptography and Network Security
3. Web Security