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ECEM 2011 is the 16th edition of a series of European Conferences on Eye Movements. It is an international, interdisciplinary conference devoted to research on oculomotor control and active vision. This year it will be hosted in Marseille, France from the 21st until the 25th of August. It promises to be a great scientific and social event. To know the many reasons why you should not miss ECEM 2011, but also to optimally plan your visit to Marseille, we invite you to first read our Welcome letter...

    Note also that for the first time both ECEM and ECVP (European Conference on Visual Perception; Toulouse) will be held in France within a two-week time frame. Take this as an opportunity to visit the south of France, from the East to the West!

              Photos Online  (here) Day after Day!!
Thank you all for making ECEM such an amazing conference!! and "rendez-vous" in Lund, Sweden in 2013...

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