----- 29 -----

09:00 Opening

Philosophy of Social Sciences (PSS) – Antonio Rainone (University of Naples "L'Orientale")

09:30 Leonardo Caffo (University of Turin) - From Moral Biology to Social Ontology

10:15 Corrado Matta  (Stockholm University) - Troubles for Interpretivism: a Case from Educational Research

11:00 break

11:10 Carlo Martini  (Finnish Centre of Excellencein the Philosophy of the Social Sciences)- Measurement in economics: Subjective, but not Arbitrary

11:55 Giuliana Gerace (University of Pavia) - Emergence and Persistence of social norms: a Material-Based Account


Philosophy of Language and Mind (PLM) – Marco Giunti (Univ. of Cagliari)

15:00 Alfredo Tommasetta (University of Bergamo) - Chalmer’s 2D Argument: what Materialists (usually) deny but should not

15:45 Matthew McKeever (Arché/ St Andrews ) - Indefinite descriptions and arbitrary reference

16:30 break

16:40 Simone Pinna (University of Cagliari)  - A possible dynamical explanation of the cardinal principle

17:25 Massimo Sangoi (University of Urbino) - Metaphor and the semantic web


----- 30 -----


Logic and Philosophy of Logic (LPL) – Francesco Paoli (Univ. of Cagliari)

09:00 Paolo Pistone (University of Rome 3) - Second order logic: the Quinean critic and proof-theory

09:45 Luisa Peruzzi (University of Florence) - Relevant semantics for combinatory logic and lambda calculus

10:30 break

10:40 Giuseppe Sergioli (University of Cagliari) - Entanglement and holistic structures in quantum computation

11:25 GiacomoTurbanti (University of Pisa) - Towards perspectival  lattices


History and Philosophy of Mathematics (HPM) – Mario Piazza (Univ. of Chieti-Pescara)

15:00 Georg Schiemer (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy) - Invariants and Mathematical Structuralism

15:45 Claudio Ternullo (Kurt Gödel Research Center, Vienna) - Concept Expansion And Set Theory

16:30 break

16:40 Daniele Molinini (Universitat de Barcelona) - Towards A New, Pluralist and Pragmatic, Approach To Mathematical Explanation(s)

17:25 Marianna Antonutti (University of Bristol) - Human Effective Computability and Absolute Indecidibility


----- 31 -----

Philosophy of Biology (PB) – Corrado Sinigaglia (Univ. of Milan)

09:00 Gabriele Ferretti (University of Urbino) -  Neurophenomenology and Mirror phenomena

09:45 Adam P. Kubiak (Maria Curie-Sklodowska University) and Rafal Wodzisz (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin ) - Classification Practice in Biology in the Light of Essentialists Revival in Philosophy of Biology

10:30 break

10:40 Marco Nathan (University of Denver) - Biological Unification without Theoretical Reduction

11:25 Marco Tamborini (Philosophisches Seminar der Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg) - Models and Data: the Paleobiological Reconstruction of Biodiversity.

History and Philosophy of Physics (HPP) – Mauro Dorato (Univ. of Rome 3)

15:00 Samuele Iaquinto (State University of Milan) -  Confirmation Holism , Bahesian Holism and Epistemic Coeherentism

15:45 Karim Bschir (ETH Zurich) - The Concept of Potentiality  in Currents Debates in Philosophy of Nature

16:30 break

16:40 Juliusz Doboszewski (Jagiellonian University) - Can we learn about the present from the topology of a spacetime?

17:25 Tommaso Panajoli (University of Bologna) -  Symmetry and Invariance: artistic and scientific developments of the concept of symmetry before modern mathematics


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