Giorgio Calcagnini

Giorgio Calcagnini is Professor of Economics at the Università di Urbino Carlo Bo. From 1986-1988 Calcagnini served as
Economist at the Research Department of Confindustria (Rome) and from 1982-1986 at the Istituto Nazionale per lo Studio della Congiuntura (ISCO, Rome). 
In addition to academic research lectures at universities, Professor Calcagnini also gives talks to a wide variety of audiences including public and private associations, and financial institutions. He has been the Vice Rector of the Università di Urbino Carlo Bo since November 1st, 2014.

Contact Information:
Department of Economics, Society and Politics
Via Saffi 42, 61029 Urbino (Italy)
Tel: +39-0722-305-565/292/341
                                Fax: +39-0722-305-541
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