NOVARA, 25-26 JUNE 2018

We have the pleasure to invite all of you to the “High-throughput MS-based proteomics and metabolomics: from cells to clinic” conference that will be held in Novara on the 25th of June.

 The aim of this conference is to:

  •         provide a scientific forum to present and promote the use of MS-based proteomics and metabolomics in the biomedical field;
  •         report the recent advances in the proteomics and metabolomics analyses from cells to translational medicine and clinic;
  •         transfer to the participants the know-how on the currently available methods for proteins and metabolites analysis from cells and their different compartments.

Oral abstracts will be selected for oral presentations. Outstanding poster abstracts submitted by May 5, 2018, will be selected for two short oral presentations (oral presentations of abstract data). All abstracts, including those selected for the conference, will be scheduled for poster presentation in Poster Sessions held on the exhibitor floor.

Posters shall be put up by 9:30 AM and available for viewing throughout the day until 17:00 PM. Authors will be present during Poster Sessions held daily from 10:40 – 11:00 and 15:40 – 16:15 on the Exhibit Floor. Note: No scientific sessions are scheduled during the Poster Session times!

During the conference the scientific committee will award two poster prizes of 300 Euro for researchers under 35 years of age. You need to provide the poster in portrait format with maximum dimensions of 110 x 140 cm (width x height).

The Division of Mass Spectrometry of the Italian Chemical Society (DSM-SCI) awards 5 fellowships for the participation of young researchers. The fellowships are reserved to young researchers under 35 years at June 25th, 2018 with no permanent position jobs who are engaged in scientific or educational activities at Universities, research and control Centers (i.e. PhD, post-doc students and scholarship holders). The fellowships consist in the travel reimbursement, upon deposit of original receipts for travel expenses incurred, up to € 100,00 for Italian participants and € 200,00 for foreign participants.

The conference will be followed on the 26th of June by a Short Proteomic School: "Mass spectrometry-based proteomics for cells: from sample prep to big-data analysis and interpretation". The school aimed to give advanced education in mass spectrometry to graduate, PhD, post-doc students, and young scientists working in the areas of proteomics. The school should also be useful for allowing meeting of scientists and for creating new links among mass spectrometrists but also end users.

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