To familiarize yourself with the design of the new input system first have a look at the Quick Start Guide page. Then for more information about how the system works, have a look at the Design Overview and Player Handling pages.

Little is set in stone though. The design is still being iterated on. That's why you're here.

We'll ask various question in the group when we'd like to hear your thoughts on a design or API question. We look forward to get your feedback!

Development process
The new input system will consist of a low-level part integrated into the C++ core of Unity and a high-level part in managed code that will be open-source in the same way as e.g. the UI system.
The way we are developing the new Input System is to design and implement large parts of the high level system first. Initially this is based on top of the current input system that already exists in Unity. For now, we call this the input system prototype. Later, once the new low-level core is more mature, we'll change the high-level part to be based on the new low-level system.

This means that the high-level system (the prototype) will initially lack specific features that depend on the new low-level core, such as robust registration of connected and disconnected input devices while the game is running. However, many features of the design can already be used and tested, and this is what we want early feedback on.

Trying out the input system
We have a project folder which contains the input system prototype as well as a demo project which uses it. This can be used with regular Unity 5.3 without needing a special build.

The input system prototype can be used with other projects by copying the folder Assets/input-prototype into the Assets folder of another project. Please create a backup of your project first.

For now we're interested in discussion around the design of the system. We don't need bug reports quite yet at this stage in development.

Below you can download the project folder which contains both prototype and demo project. Click the down arrow on the right side to download.
Rune Skovbo Johansen,
Apr 6, 2016, 9:28 AM