Unity College Undergraduate Research Program

The Unity College Undergraduate Research Program (UCURP) started in 2012 to increase the coordination and support for research/creative experiences on campus. The program supports undergraduate students in the pursuit of novel work either in the classroom, outside of the classroom or in conjunction with faculty. On this website you will find information regarding research opportunities on and off campus, learn about the research Unity College faculty are involved in, and information about the senior thesis program.


Focus on UC Student Research

Andrea Miller, Senior
Major: Environmental Biology
Minor: Geology 

         Senior Thesis Topic: Didymosphenia geminata, otherwise known as didymo, or “rock snot” due to its dubious appearance, is an invasive algal species that has increasingly become a major issue of concern in recent years, as well as somewhat of an anomaly in the field of invasive biology. Historically found in low densities in the cooler regions of the Northern Hemisphere, didymo blooms are on the move and can now be found in far greater densities ranging from Alaska to New Zealand. Unlike most other algal species, didymo is able to thrive in nutrient low fresh water system, and little is actually understood about the factors controlling and regulating its growth. To increase our understanding of this atypical and threatening algal species, I am currently working on a spatial analysis of didymo to help gain the knowledge needed to implement significant regulations in order to prevent its continued spreading.