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About the Conference

Conference submissions are processed through a Call for Proposals that is forwarded to all UC students and faculty during the semester. The Student Conference takes place between the end of classes and the beginning of final exams; it consists of multiple presentation formats and includes judging in several interdisciplinary categories.

Conference Goals

  • Encourage, promote, and recognize all quality academic and professional work among Unity College students, but celebrate excellence
  • Help build a campus culture that values attention to detail and quality work
  • Provide a transitional experience into professional and academic communities
  • Facilitate program evaluation and community building

Submission Terms

  • Eligibility: Current Unity College students and alumni who have graduated since the last UC Student Conference are eligible to prepare a proposal for submission to the UC Student Conference. All presentations must represent work, the majority of which, was undertaken during the student’s Unity College career. An appropriate presentation will report, perform, present, or represent the outcome of substantial work which was undertaken by a student or group of Unity College students while enrolled as Unity College students. The work may or may not be directly associated with the Unity College curriculum.
  • Faculty Sponsor Requirement: Each presentation must be sponsored by one Unity College faculty sponsor; non-sponsored proposals will not be accepted. If students wish to present scholarly work that has been conducted during an off-campus experience, then the student should identify a Unity College faculty member to be the official sponsor of the presentation and to help with planning the presentation. Faculty may sponsor multiple submissions. A separate electronic submission must be prepared for each.
  • Student Authorship: The same student should not be a first author on more than two proposals. Both single- and multiple-author presentations are welcome. A student may only submit one presentation in one format per project.
  • Awards: Nominations for awards can only be made by Unity College faculty or staff and award judges. Groups of seven or fewer are eligible for every award except the Environmental Professionals Award, which is reserved for large groups or classes of eight or more. Large group or class presentations with eight or more participants are eligible for institutional awards.
  • Proposal Requirements: Each entry requires student preparation of this completed electronic entry form. Language and content from completed and accepted entries may appear in public materials including program guides.
  • Proposal Preparation: Student authors should work with their faculty sponsors to ensure that their proposal is correct, complete, and that all guidelines are followed. The final proposal must be submitted electronically through the online submission process by the proposal submission deadline. Failure to follow the submission guidelines can result in a proposal being omitted from the Student Conference.
  • Use of Products and Images: Proposals, presentations and products may be released via media outlets and Unity College promotional materials. Video and/or audio recordings may be made associated with the Student Conference and may be used and/or released. Presentations and products may be archived at Dorothy Webb Quimby Library. Authors retain all intellectual property rights to presentations, research, and supporting materials.
  • Incomplete Entries: Incomplete entries may not be considered.