The Unity College Student Conference is an opportunity to celebrate excellence in academic work created by Unity College students. At the end of each semester, students gather at the Unity College Center for Performing Arts to display their best work and compete for a variety of awards; entries are judged by college faculty, staff, and community partners.

Spring 2017 Dates:

  • Submissions opens: Thursday, March 16
  • Entries deadline: Monday, April 24, 4pm
  • Nominations window: Monday, April 24 to Friday, April 28, 4pm
  • Set-up: Friday, May 5 (12pm-4pm; auditorium practice available from 2-4pm)
  • Conference: Monday, May 8
Please be sure to obtain a faculty sponsor and determine which format best describes your presentation.

Spring 2017 Student Conference (Tentative) Schedule: 
 Time      Event
 7:00-7:45 Judge Preview Period
 7:45-10:00 Exhibits Open
 7:45-9:45 Oral/Video Presentations
 8:00-9:45 Exhibit Judging
 9:45-10:10 Category Judge Deliberation
 10:10-10:30 Lead Judge Deliberation
 10:30-11:00 Awards Ceremony
 7:15-10:30 Light Refreshments

  • THERE IS NO REVISIONS PERIOD. Instead, you have more time to prepare your submission before the deadline. Your submission is final once you complete the online registration form. PROOFREAD YOUR WORK.
  • Information to have on hand prior to registration: Title, Presentation Summary (150 words or less), course information, names of all student authors, faculty sponsor information
  • All submissions (Poster, Art, Multi-media) must be in place by 4:00pm on Friday, May. You are not expected to leave a laptop in place over the weekend. Last minute setup can occur on Monday, May 5 before 7:45am. 
  • All PowerPoint and Video presentations must be loaded on the library laptop before 12:00pm on Friday, May 5 
  • There is only enough time for 8 auditorium presentations. Space will be reserved on a first come/first serve basis at the time of conference registration. Preference will be given to those presentations with a research focus.
  • Judges can review all submissions from 7:00-7:45 on the day of the conference. Students need not be present as no interaction with judges is expected during this period.
  • The conference organizers wish to encourage attendees to visit the auditorium, even if just to view one presentation.
  • FACULTY - The nominations process will be shared later in April. You may also nominate a presentation during the Judge Preview Period and not after 7:45am.
  • JUDGES - please make use of the review period in the morning to review all nominations in your category. Please adhere to the deliberation time periods.

Van Shuttle

  • The student center parking lot will be the designated campus pick-up and drop off areas.
  • Van Schedule: 7:00-8:30; 11-11:30, every 15 minutes (note, the van will not run during the conference)

We look forward to seeing you!

Unity College Student Conference Coordinating Committee: Dr. Kevin M. Spigel, Director of Undergraduate Research and Dr. Pamela MacRae, Dean of Biodiversity Conservation

Special Thanks: Dr. Pieter deHart, Jen Whelan, Kim Sheff, Sandra Abbot-Stout, Sarah Johnson, and Ben Stafford