I finally have pictures up!! A big thanks to all of my new international friends who helped me take pictures and are letting me use their pictures!

Ready to go!

Chipangali Logo: in the center is a duiker [dy-kur].
Photo Credit: Linda Beauveser

A welcome sign painted by a previous volunteer.
Photo Credit: Gal Shmilovich

My cabin!

The inside of my cabin (taken from the back). My bed is the one cut off in the bottom left.

Feeding the baby Gray Lourie (AKA Go-Away Bird).
Photo Credit: Erica Hensberg

Baby squirrel that fell from the thatched roof in the main house.
Photo Credit: Rebecca Sweet

The two baby coucals that we fed.

My two favorite baby vervet monkeys! Upper left: Tarrance. Lower right: Bandit.
Photo Credit for lower right: Cliff Olin

My two favorite chacma baboons: Dondo (top) and Masungo [ma-soon-go] (bottom).
They are adults but are dwarfed.

Christina, our adult bush buck, was caught in a wildfire, rescued by farmers, and given to Chipangali.
Photo Credit: Linda Beauveser

Porky, our slightly aggressive female warthog.
Photo Credit: Adelise Scad

Tami, our young female kudu. We discovered that, if she gets excited or spooked, she can jump her fence... (unfortunately I didn't witness this).
Photo Credit: Adelise Scad

Sometimes working at Chipangali called for heavy work like digging (upper left) and cutting branches (lower right - posing with bhembha [bem-ba] - Ndebeli for machette)
Photo Credits: upper left - Rebecca Sweet, bottom right - unknown.

Lucky, our oldest female common gray duiker. The other two duikers are still wild and kept away from the public.
Photo Credit: Linda Beauveser

Skippy, our adult male stienbok. He is in the same enclosure as Lucky.
Photo Credit: Adelise Scad

Black-back and Clive, our two black-backed jackals (I don't know which one is which).
Photo Credit: Adelise Scad

Jackie, our female side-striped jackal.
Photo Credit: Adelise Scad

Lundi [loon-dee], male leopard, taking a nap.
Photo Credit: Saskia Ricks

My good pal, Ziggy, the banded mongoose.

Our mane-less male lion, Simba. He had a bad reaction to a contraceptive he was given a few years ago and he lost his mane. He is our biggest lion - about 10 to 12 feet tall when reaching to the roof of his cage.

Female lion, Bovi (I'm pretty sure this is her), next to the pool in her enclosure.

Our one-winged Tawny Eagle, Squak.

Our one-winged Bateleur, Henry.

Matopos National Park, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
Photo Credit: Adelise Scad

 <-- Hippos
                                                                                                                   Photo Credit: Adelise Scad

Troop of chacma baboons --> 
                                          Photo Credit: Adelise Scad

 <-- Herd of zebra [zeh-bra]
                                                                                                                   Photo Credit: Adelise Scad
Giraffe (there were three) --> 
                                                              Photo Credit: Linda Beauveser

 <-- Slender mongoose
                                                                                                                   Photo Credit: Linda Beauveser