Fully Nourished Community in Skagit County by 2020

Three Meals a Day x3 65 Days a Year = 1,095 Meals for all members of the community
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Current programs: Neighborhood Projects 
Our Vision: Every child in Skagit County is fully nourished, so they can grow and prosper.
The Mission: 1095 Skagit collaborates, coordinates, and communicates with families and community partners to ensure that every child in Skagit County eats three nutritious meals, 365 days a year.
"1095 Skagit" is a group of engaged parents, citizens and representatives from nonprofits, schools, and other food- and youth-related organizations from throughout Skagit County. We support programs aimed at eliminating hunger in children living in the county by organizing, coordinating and sharing volunteers, resources and information.